FREE Guide How To Grow A Residential Cleaning Company

FREE Guide How To Grow A Residential Cleaning Company


How To Generate Leads For A Residential Cleaning Company

How to get more clients for janitorial cleaning company


This how grow a cleaning company!  A guide for small business owners!!

1. Tap into friends and family (FF) - The idea is not to do it as a source of business,but do charge - Do it for the pictures and for Yelp reviews as well as for future lead generation from their first hand experience with your service. They don't have to state that they are family or friends and reviews go a long way. Don't go spending on things you don't need yet, like a fancy logo or expensive website. (if anything go for a free website first)


2. Ask FF for a list of people you can call and name drop them as referrals. Ask them for people who will not be upset that you are calling and that their friend gave their contact. Typically young, friendly, busy people.


3. Give you FF cards to pass on and help you out. - if they truly care about you they'll take the cards and share them once or twice at least but from your FF that's all you need.


4. Use that small stream of cash from FF jobs to pay for Yelp advertising, it works! spend 100 or 200 dollars in it. Call them and ask for assistance creating a small campaign.


5. Create a beautiful website!! Don't assume that because is a cleaning business you don't need a website and or a well designed professional website. Image is everything!!

Specially in this industry most potential customers want to know that you will be there next week and the week after that... A professional website helps promote that because you have spent time and money developing an online presence rather than doing a bad job yourself creating a DIY website with pixelated images and a bad font and logo. (My team can do one for you very affordably!)


lead generation for small business janitorial commercial residential cleaning company, how to grow a cleaning company, free guide, free website Through a new website we were able to generate almost 700% percent website visits from a few visits per month to just over 500 visits average per month for cleaning companies like Layne Maid Service in Mahwah, New Jersey. We can do the same for you! Claim your free website!

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6. Promote your website shamelessly! Everywhere.

Have you seen "The Office" be like "Bob Vance, from Vance Refrigeration" -
"Hi, I'm ______, from []"
low cost website design for small business owners who run a janitorial cleaning company

7.Use facebook - don't pay for the ads, the ROI is not as good. But instead run offers, put up pictures of your FF cleaned homes.. FB has this feature where after you post something it lets you 'pin' to the this for your offers or pictures that show the quality of work.


8. Add punch card counts on your business card - this is called gamification... incites people to come back for a 10th free. HonestMaids does this and it works wonders!


9. Attend events, creative idea:many elementary schools run festivals. Stop by and introduce yourself and ask if they have any coming up - YES, even if you don't have any kids enrolled there. What better way to get in front of busy parents in your community? BONUS: these fairs are often free for 'vendors' or really really cheap!


10. Find realtors in your area that you can partner with - these are realtors who give their new home owners a gift basket or something - you can add a '$50 certificate' in there for them. email and I will design one for you for free if you want.

Use Yelp - I did this to start too... go to your competitors' Yelp pages and look for bad reviews... the site allows for you to contact anyone in there.. offer them a hefty discount if they are willing to try a maid service again and obviously try you... What better way to target people that already hire maids, and are unsatisfied with their current?! Try it.

facebook lead ad.jpgUnthink  Side Note: 
Those in business who are successful are because they do what others things is not usually done or frowned upon or don't think about it... In small business, as with many things in life you are limited by your own creativity.

P.S. : 
A lot of  Honest Maids of Phoenix clients are young professionals whom often seek out specific type of services, in Honest Maids case, she was involved in the Entreprenurial efforts of #yesphxand got herself involved with #CoHoots coworking space. Find yourself a hardcore group where you can be of value and build relationships for your business. Learn other cool ways to advertise yourself, download our FREE EBook! 

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