Less Work, More Experiences

Less Work, More Experiences

A majority of my work revolves around mentoring want to be
entrepreneurs who are tired of living in the “employee” lifestyle and have
reached a point in their lives when they are willing to take a risk on becoming
either self-employed or start some sort of bigger business or invention. Although
I never encourage depending your livelihood on an invention’s success I know
scores of people who want to pursue that. This entry is for you, inventor and
entrepreneur to be.


Less work, more play. This ideal is pretty simple once you
put a few thoughts together. If you spend your days at your job going through
the grind, then the commute home to then deal with family burdens or home
ownership tasks such as leaky faucet or grocery shopping or if you have a side
business you will never get a chance to stop and clear your mind to take in
more insight on your activities but you will also not “have” time for fun
experiences such as with family or friends or by yourself. Ideas are sparks of
imagination trying to tie objects of your life in a simpler format  often solving simple problems creatively but
creativity for ideas cannot be scheduled so you can’t expect to have an
ingenious idea by simply forcing yourself to think of ideas while you drive,
unless the idea you come up with happens to deal with a problem you encounter
when driving. Robert Kiyosaki, a world renown author and financial teacher,
invented a runner’s shoe pocket from his years of running around his
neighborhoods. Steve Jobs notoriously decided to create what came to be the IPod
from hating Walkmans so much. You can’t schedule your brains activities but you
can create time to expose your brain to different experiences and problems to
increase your chances of sparking great useful- million dollar ideas.
-Humberto Valle

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