Why good enough is not good enough anymore.

Why good enough is not good enough anymore.

What worked yesterday has no guarantee of remaining relevant and working tomorrow

Banner Blindness is real, your ads, links, headlines, images and everything else needs to be more human than ever and have a more down to earth appeal vs. I’m selling you something (as if you don’t know it) if you ever want to see genuine conversions (which is why native advertising has displaced traditional ads).

"Is the speaking at you vs. speaking to you that is killing many businesses these days. You need to always be listening and responding to your non-customer needs. That is the bottom line." - Humberto Valle, CEO Unthink Strategy

Making the shift from the old paradigm to the new paradigm of marketing is the basis of true engagement (without offending your audience's intelligence) as well as one of the safest ways to promote your brand while preserving its integrity and in certain cases even increasing its value innovation yielding higher ROIs.

We encourage you to go back through your ad copy, your website, your twitter description that email signature - all customer facing communication platforms and see whether or not you were writing it for YOU or for your CUSTOMERS?

The million dollar question is, are you writing what you THINK they want to hear, or communicating with clarity that they need to make an informed purchase? If you struggle to accomplish this on  your own or just want to relay that high level responsibility to us give us a call. 623-398-9331.

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