Your Startup Needs More {fckn} Brains not Money

Your Startup Needs More {fckn} Brains not Money

"If I could only get some funding..." How many times have you thought this yourself or heard others say!?

I bet is a lot!! 

This concerns me because it seems to me that all newbie entrepreneurs {CEOs} think that the key to success is money- that the lack of startup money is the only reason they are not successful. Once you get the funding you seek that all will be great and your idea and business will flourish and you will ride your stallion into the entrepreneurial sunset. So what is the first thing most entrepreneurs do after conceiving an idea??? 
I did it too and I learned a lot from it - I failed and refined my pitch and with the help of the book: The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs {shown on the right side bar} . 
What you might not yet realize is that is not about the money it's about how creative and how good you are at delegating the things that you are not good at! Is about having brains. When I started my first company I made the mistake of asking for investment, I got seed funding. Nestor the person that backed me financially used his personal savings to partner with me; I promised him millions and then I failed. Can you imagine what I felt every time I saw him and the resentment he must've felt even though he never really admitted it. I failed because I thought my idea was genius and the customers will would just flock to buy it  and that all I needed was some money for production and a website a cool office and some marketing, boy was I wrong! 

So what do should you do? Is simple really:
1. Just list some people or firms {not family or friends} that would benefit from your product or service. 

2. Craft a simple question that would drive interest from them but also give you insight as to what they want. It can be as simple as asking them if they see themselves using your product.
3.  Use this insight to refine your product and begin crafting your pitch for sales to others. Offer and ask for the opportunity to have them as clients and even pre-order. 


Businesses don't need more cash they need fucking brains.
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