3 thought provoking marketing ideas

3 thought provoking marketing ideas


10 years ago we were helping mid size companies figure out new competitive advantages so they could stake new markets. Now we focus on marketing. You see, true marketing is a management level effort, consumers are no longer ok with being interrupted with ads they didn't ask for, or trying to be tricked into buying, or be told what's cool and what 's not. Consumers are in the driver's seat now - you need to ask for permission and engage them not interrupt them with uncalled for ads and clever words.  Today, Unthink is a team of MBAs, Programmers, & Marketers  and we combine both strategy with technology to help businesses build brands in a sustainable way.  Below are 3 simple ideas that are meant to help you think outside the box. Just a first step in a business-growing journey. 

1.   Video is king when it comes to generally accepted interruptions - videos catch our attention and make us stop scrolling to watch... Create short videos about you, your business, products, teams, employees, tutorials, etc. Host video within a web page where you can capture viewers emails for future remarketing.

2.  If you control your inventory, production or have a service based business create "Purpose Brands" - Think Proctor & Gamble and Gillette, parent and child, as example of a company investing in maturing their main brand but simultaneously leveraging a niche purpose and strengthen Gillette as a brand whether or not you know about P&G owning them. A cleaning company might have a purpose brand such as FoldJoy (tm) for a specific job to be requested versus general cleaning. An auto repair or mechanic shop could take their efforts further from just stating specific services to naming and promoting their process for paint application or engine rebuilding, and push that as a product in itself to where people think of your purpose brand next time they need a paint job. It takes work but is a really sustainable investment that will pay dividends higher than any other effort out there. Purpose branding is a big boy play.

3. Stop seeing your potential market as people who are in the market for your product right now. On the flip side, stop seeing direct alternatives as your only competitor. Your competition is time, alternatives such as similar products but also the option to simply go without your product. Grow your exposure to non customers Engage non-customers by thinking outside the box and offering them what they are looking for this moment, even if it generates no obvious ROI go for it, that's how brands are built. Nurture these individuals and when they are looking for your type of product you will be the one they go to.

Marketing is not black and white and is not something that should take the back seat because any business depends on marketing and it doesn't matter what you do or sell you are in the selling and marketing business so own it, think outside the box and invest in long term sustainable efforts rather than quick 'solutions' that as soon as you stop paying go away. That sounds like the definition of crazy doesn't it? 

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