White Hat SEO Case Study: How To Rank #1 on Google

White Hat SEO Case Study: How To Rank #1 on Google

How to Boost Your Traffic Organically For Google #1 Page Ranking

5 Proven Ways to Increase Your Blog or Website!grow your business online by ranking well on google unthink shows how to rank on google for organic traffic, boost your google ranking with white hat seo practices

Today you’re going to learn how Beta Bulls rocketed their site to the #1 spot in Google. You already know that blogging is important for lead generation. By blogging you get to showcase your expertise in an industry while creating value for your consumers and potential future customers as well. Unfortantely the web is filled with many pages which of whom most are blog related websites. When you launch a new article how do you get people to actually find it and read it? 


If you want reliable and qualified search traffic, but don’t know where to begin, this post will be a great resource.  Some of these strategies you may already know, but I’m going to approach them from an entirely unique angle to increase blog traffic. I'm going to Unthink ways to increase organic long term traffic. 

More specifically, in this post I will show you 5 proven strategies that I used to triple my blog’s traffic. Here’s what I’m going to teach you:

  1. Q&A AMA Sessions
  2. Developing User & Buyer Personas
  3. How to create evergreen list posts
  4. Long-tail keyword domination
  5. Restructure your posts 

#1 Answer As Many Questions Online As Possible! 

AMA sessions are becoming wildly popular, Growthhackers.com schedules an "Ask Me Anything" session almost daily now but before these forums were found everywhere online, I took this approch to help me market my consulting services close to 10 years ago. Through time I have become quite the expert in marketing and branding non-tangible products and services (such as corporate consulting services & custom onboarding software solutions). When I was starting as a consultant, I needed a way to make myself look different and better from the crowd so I went to forums such as Clarity.fm, Quora.com, Wikipedia, and other forums and blogs and literally answered as many questions as I could. 

With each and every piece of content I created I would sign off with my contact information or an outbound link to another similar topic or answer I had covered elsewhere. I would also include my website's URL and contact information. 

As time passes I still receive random calls, visits to my website, emails through my landing pages, text messages and direct messages through these forums because someone finds and likes what I wrote many years ago. In fact some of Unthink's biggest clients have come from these mediums. 


grow your business online by ranking well on google unthink shows how to rank on google for organic traffic, boost your google ranking with white hat seo practices

#2 Develope User & Buyer Personas! 

As a marketing strategist I have a strong sense of discipline when it comes to getting a campaign started. The MBA and Engineer in me want to me be as maticulate as possible when it comes to evaluating any given opportunity and of course thats something I take with me to work. When Unthink gets hired by a new client for our month to month marketing services we develop a buyer and user persona. We run a week long research of the pest possible persona's for each! Why? You may ask...

Well for several reasons --> 

  • There has been many times that we have come up with clever wording for an ad or commercial only after days of getting ourselves into the potential customer. One example was when did a short project for an El Paso, Texas Elite Insurance group. They wanted to target young women in college so we got to work and after interview several students we figured that women in that age wanted for an insurance agent to "protect what they are building not what they have." - Something that might seem obvious now but in the moment we wouldn't never came up with that ourselves quick enough. A persona helps you think like them. 
  • You understand insights about the consumer like alternative choices and spending habits so that you can better price your items and services. Or if not price you get to position your product in a way that portrays value to this person. 
  • You can make subtle differences apart! For example we worked with this company that wanted to retail to young mothers in a certain region - after conducting research we found that women were being frugal but more so they enjoyed it. This again, helped us created better paid facebook ads to increase the ROI of each paid campaign. 
  • Knowing what your customers are looking for, what interests them, how they live, and more can also help you create better blog content for your website which increases your website traffic and social engagement.

A buyer persona is a must for any serious marketer! 


#3 How To Create Ever Green Posts

I'm not going to sit write and tell you that creating ever green posts is simple and achievable for everyone. They are however the standard I think that everyone should be considering when writing any type of content. Why would you spend so much time researching and writing an article or white paper only to become obsolete a day or two from publishing?  Yeah, I didn't think so! I know you wouldn't...

An Moz article case study defines "ever green" as an article that has continued and sustained success. Here is how I try to write my own ever-green blog posts: 


How do you determine a post has evergreen potential?

There are many ways, one I learned a while back still works for me which is go to magazines and count the number of times a particular topic is featured. You can also go to magazines.com and type your primary keyword into the search box. I typed “marketing” and found more than 50 marketing magazines. I typed "house cleaning" and got 36 results which means this topic as a headline is probably not that attractive to begin with. 


#4 Increase Your Blog's Traffic With Long-tail Keywords

Long tail keywords have been a strong leveraged tool by many inbound marketers to boost website traffic. Google started recognizing this back in 2011 and since then the use of long tail as part of any inbound strategy has skyrocketed.  Long tail keywords are short sentence like phrases that are commonly entered by browsers online through sites like Google or Yahoo.

The more targeted the niche is the more likely you are at having a strong long tail phrase that is being used and found by others leading to your blog or website.


The question is: How do i identify long tail keywords? 

  • Google Keyword suggestions are great! Simply start typing on the search bar and see what phrases are offered to you.
  • You can then copy the phrase with the most searches into Google's Keyword Planner - you will have to log into Google's Analytics tools for this. 


#5 Restrcture Your Posts For Organic Trafficwide-eyed-pug.png

As Neil Patel says " The first step to a competitive edge specially with white hat seo is to understand your audience’s behavior"  - What he means is that you may be getting readers but if there is no engagement you need constantly work on your blog content and structure so that you can allow them to easily hang out and then want to leave a comment. There are several metrics you can look at for example: 

  • Your bounce rate, this is the percentage of visitors who leave within seconds of stopping inside your website or blog. The higher the number the worse your performance. An ideal average score to aim for is anything less than 20% bounce rate (some blogs have achieved almost zero bounce rate so is possible but not realistic for many small businesses). 
  • Your text size!!  Is your text font too big? is too small? One of the biggest reasons why people leave a blog or website is because the font size makes the content hard to read and it becomes too distracting. Test your font on various size screens from table to mobile and large desktop. You never know where someone is reading - one tip I have for you is to use REM instead of PX when you are using HTML to size your font.  1.4 REM won't be the same as 1.4PX in fact it will be bigger so learn to play with the ratios but once you have a good size the REM will keep that ratio in perspective to the screen size which is amazingly wonderful!! 

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Thank you for reading!! If you go an apply this simple yet powerful SEO white hat practices you will boost your website ranking in Google, Yahoo, and Bing exponentially! Now that I showed you how to rank on Google you can also benefit from Inbound Marketing - each blog post you write can benefit from the same Google ranking best practices - download our ebook for simple and creative marketing tips and tricks! 
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