Growth hacking my next Cleaning Company.

Growth hacking my next Cleaning Company.

Growth hacking my next Cleaning Company.

House cleaning services marketing tips and ideas to grow your cleaning business! I have grown 2 cleaning companies to over $2million already! You really want to read this.



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Have you heard of Layne Maid Service yet?

If you don’t live in New Jersey, you probably haven’t yet. Maybe you never will, even when I’m ‘done’ you might still never really ‘hear’ about them and that’s ok! Growth Hacking doesn’t mean that everyone will hear about it, it doesn’t mean that a product will become a household name. I have growth hack a few of other companies, and another cleaning company previous to this new assignment — the Honest Maids Company.
My background is Strategic Competition and I deliver my creative and analytical work through creative marketing services. When companies hire me, they are hiring over 10 years of engineering, arts, sales, marketing, MBA degree, business ownership experience and a whole ton of weird creativity and a passion for the Blue Ocean Strategy. Layne Maid Service’s has hired me because of that and because I promised to help them as much as possible. But enough of the tease! Let’s go over how I will growth hack this North Jersey cleaning and janitorial company!

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You May Think — Is A Cleaning Company! What Can You Possibly Hack?

Creative process is creative because it relies on the person, the situation, the thought flow and other factors that forces serendipity. When most people start a new business they research competitors, traditions and processes from others — But that is the main problem! Why would you copy what others are doing? Why would you compete the same they are? What if their grass isn’t greener and there you go mocking their every effort. Sometimes, hacking is just going against the flow to see substantial growth.

My first step is understanding the business model, what service items generate the most profit, which ones can be turned over quicker, which ones require less QA, are more on demand, which ones are requested the most. I do this because marketing is not advertising and it requires having a full grasp of what is going on operations wise so that the available resources aren’t spent on unscalable or resource-hungry items.


honest maids peoria cleaning company offers home cleaning services with green products natural products that are pet and baby friendly in peoria and litchfield arizona In case you're wondering, the very first one was in Arizona


2. Once I understand the business, I understand the customer acquisition cycle from the famous Google’s Zero Moment of Truth to the final “Yes’ Let’s Do This Here Is My Money” moment. Regardless of that that cycle is, even if you are just starting your owner persona dictates what process you are setting up for yourself. Understanding this cycle helps a creative mind brainstorm possible channels for new traffic sources. In a day and age of analytics — you will be surprised how creative thinking and imagination helps drive data. P.S. I don’t live in Bergen county, New Jersey but if I did I would totally hire them now that they have made such radical experience changes.


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3. I optimize the in person experience. Is all about the experience!!! Never forget that! Disney World was a creative idea to improve the cartoon watching experience; Carnival cruise lines offer an experience with their shows, meals and activities. Before getting any more clients, you need to WOOO your current ones. Never skip this step, because service based businesses are in the business of selling the intangible and experience and imagination are super important details to growth hacking a intangible based company.
With Layne Maid Service, we have improved their scheduling, their funnel system, we have incorporated naturally derived and green cleaning products; just as well as laid out a process for cleaning when the teams are in the job site. This New Jersey Maid team has now improved on several other aspects as well such as timing, training, certifications, and lowered pricing. The goal is to make their services available to small businesses that cannot afford larger franchise services as well as home owners who can’t break the bank each month just to get some help. Layne Maids offer brilliantly consistent help at below market prices. If you live in Northern Jersey, give them a try and let me know how they do.

When I take on new clients, I don’t just take what they have and figure out ways to advertise. I’m not an advertiser. I work with the client to see if there are ways we can improve their process, their value proposition and then we promote through consistent messaging.

4. Once we have aligned value with process and people we can begin looking into the marketing aspect of things. We do typical research such as keywords, competitor pricing, alternative options pricing (sometimes your worst competitor is a work around or completely just not resolving) so the pricing is a huge factor for those who may be tempted to simply do without.
5. After market research has been completed we find holes in the market, these ‘holes’ in the market are huge opportunities for your business — you can either compete in the murky red ‘bloody’ competitor infested waters and only end up with 1–5% at most of the market share or go after the blue beautiful clear ‘competitor-ignored’ markets and own 100% of that small market.
There are more steps but the further I go I’m sure I will probably bore you and I will giving out my recipe. I wanted to write to share about the New Jersey company that is making smart moves and has decided to hire a strategist. If a small cleaning company sees value in a strategist I’m sure you would too. If a $2million+ revenue company sees value in Unthink Strategist — I’m sure you would too. Is never too early or too late.


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