4 Ways To Create A Hassle-free Checkout Funnel

4 Ways To Create A Hassle-free Checkout Funnel

Ecommerce purchases are the holy grail of any e-commerce business and that's because it's not as easy as it may sound, in fact it can be very difficult to convert a prospect visitor from just browsing onto an interested and then buying phase. Getting them to add something you sell to the cart - without abandoning it and leaving your website. Once a client has added something to the cart, they've shown interest and the last thin you want is to lose when you are so close to a sale! Lead Generation is about anticipating a buyer's needs and wants.


Don't be like most e-commerce websites out there that have made their checkout process so frustrating and slow that customers simply abandon their carts and move to another site. Your checkout funnel is the last hurdle in your conversion funnel. This is the most important part and shouldn't be screwed up. Most business owners spend on things like:

  1. Google Ads
  2. Facebook Ads
  3. Social Media Marketing
  4. Content Creation
  5. Search Engine Optimization
  6. Hubspot/InfusionSoft,CRM
  7. A/B Testing Campaigns
  8. etc. etc.
But they fail to look into their site and look for ways to optimize whatever number of visits they are already getting.


Check out these four marketing tips that will guide you on how to streamline your website's checkout process to keep your customers happy and increase your conversion rate




animat-lightbulb-color1. Remove those ‘Sign up’ buttons and options!

Like the word "Entrepreneur", Sign Ups seem to have also become a jargon effort thrown around by many marketing experts.  Every website you visit now asks you to sign up for something. Some go as far as asking for sign up before checking out! What?!

This is a pain in the neck for most customers, especially when the reality is that they are never asked to sign up with their emails when they go shopping at a brick and mortar store. Sometimes, even when customers have already registered with the company, they are still asked to sign in before they can complete their checkout process. Why can’t the company keep them signed in permanently? These things annoy customers and drive them away from your business. Some of them refuse to sign up because they don’t want to get promotional messages in their emails.

Provide a simple login interface that doesn’t interrupt the customers overly much when they are checking out, or simply allow customers to check out as guests – eliminating the need for them to create an account with you. This won’t diminish your conversion rate: it will increase it.


2. Provide a Variety of Payment Options

True, you cannot have all the payment methods there are in the world on your checkout page. It is not practical and doesn’t make much sense. However, you can have the payment options that are most uses by your customers so as to give them the variety they want and expect. Next generation of customers want to pay with whatever platform they use and let me tell you, there are a ton of new ways of paying like Facebook Business, Stripe, Paypal, Cash, etc. etc. 


download (4).jpeg


Even if you might not think that different payment options are necessary, your customers do, and, in business, the customer is always right. You may have some international customers who do not have PayPal support in their regions. Gather information about the payment methods your target audience uses when checking out, and set them up on your checkout page. Customers can have the option to pay via bank transfer, MasterCard, or Visa card. Giving them more options reduces their chances of leaving your page, and increases your chances of getting more conversions.


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3. Redirecting People Will Lose You Business

Why would you try so hard to get customers, convince them to buy from you, then redirect them to another page before they can pay and checkout? When this happens, the first thing some customers will say is “you are not serious” and that is the end of that. You are not going to see them again for a long time.

Some payment methods require this process, though. Once a customer clicks on them, they have to be redirected to that payment service’s page before they can make a payment for their order. This is a frustrating process that makes customers leave and look for that website that has less red tapes.


Try to set up payment options that will not lead customers away from your page, but will allow them to make their payments on that same page and checkout. The only time customers should be leaving your site is after they have checked out: not before, not during, but after.


don't redirect from your website to other websitesThink about it, if you are the one spending money on ads and other advertising efforts to bring people into your website, why would you then do a freebie favor to Amazon by sending those people to their own website? Once they are there, Amazon will show them your competitors. 


direct to your own website.jpg


4. Reduce Distractions on the Checkout Page! Do not Advertise on It

You are out to make a profit, but that doesn’t mean that you should bombard your customers with offers of the products you had available on sale.

Checking out is the end of the sales process. You have made your pitch, they have seen it, they are interested, and now they want to place an order. When they are on their way to pay for their order, suddenly they see an ad, and then they click on the ad to see what they are all about, and right there is how you have not completed a sale.


There should be no ads on the checkout page, neither should there be any jarring differences between the checkout of and the rest of your website. A bar at the top of the page showing customers their progress from adding to cart to checking out helps to streamline their purchasing process, and keeps them in a straight line from start to finish. No distractions should break up their focus on making a purchasing from you.


Your conversions will increase with how easy it is to check out from your online store. Check out this sales funnel by New Balance, once someone has made a decision to move onto the check out part, they have made it easy and seamless with a natural, clutter free, check out.


new balance shopping cart.png


Your checkout funnel should be seamless, painless, and straightforward. The page design, color, and background should be similar to that of the product page and the home page, to show consistency and convince the customers that they are still buying from the same person.


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