6 Psychological Tricks To Make People Like You Right Away Immediately!

6 Psychological Tricks To Make People Like You Right Away Immediately!

Psychological Tricks To Make People Like You Right Away Immediately!


#1 Rapport Is Power

Anything that you want to achieve and or master, you gotta go find someone who has already achieved it. If you want to earn business from someone you can't just walk up to a stranger and expect for them to like you, trust you and buy from you. You need rapport. When someone connects with you, reacts positively to your presence and gives you referrals - that means you have good rapport with that person. Go Connect With Others - again, we don't operate business in silos. 
Questions do not create rapport! Rapport is finding commonality, questions give you insight to those common interests and perspectives.

#2 Express Positive Energy 

Show up everwhere with some positive energy, it is part of your job description if you are an employee. If you are an entrepreneur or community leader you must convey comfort and always find the positive twist to things. Share that positive energey with someone you just met and you will noticed that they will like you a lot! 

#3 Be Loving and Kind

You liked to be loved, but when was the last time you showed you are an emotional person with others in a professional setting? Sharing a story about yourself, shared a story that shows your sensitive caring side? When was the last time you went out of your way to help others? 

#4 Have a Sense of Humor

Being funny isn't a strategy, but it is definitely a tactic. More so, if you geniunly have a good sense of humor, leverage that to be liked by other light hearted individuals. 

#5 Embrace Vulnerability

You can do anything, but we all struggle. Is ok to fail. Be proud of your failures and share those stories as learning experience and share how vulenarable you are because that's a measure of your courage. Get people to connect with you based on common fears, uncertainty and reach out for support. Being vulenarable is not a weakness but something that can help you break that ice barrier during that introduction.

#5 Compliment Others

When you meet someone, look for something you genuinely like about that other person and give them a quick, whole hearted praise. IT WORKS!  Anytime I get a compliment from one I almost instantly really like that person and want to be around them more, learn more about them, etc. 


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