Andy Warhol Did Not Follow The Rules and That's Why He Won At Business

Andy Warhol Did Not Follow The Rules and That's Why He Won At Business

Andy Warhol made a fortune and a powerhouse of a brand name for himself by screen-printing and painting extremely colorful pop culture every day products and celebrities.


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One of the biggest reasons clients work with us is because we assume that every business is different and create a personalized plan for that individual. Never assuming from previous projects. When it came to Andy Warhol's success, the biggest reason why he became so ridiculously popular is because he knew how to troll publicity and the media first claiming mundane items + a signature (his) as artwork, then painting the then hot & trending Hollywood celebrities to get their attention and then their shot-out to their millions of fans. Then he created the infamous Brillo Box.


If you have visited New York, you will see the best example of POP CULTURE - High Definition billboards and millions of people passing by enjoying them every single day.

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Andy Warhol was able to make a name for himself because he didn't follow the 'rules.' He didn't try to be consistent with the style of work, he mixed it up. He wasn't a talkative, friendly person like all the other up and coming artists instead Warhol didn't even care about the fame and money he was sure to get - but that's why he got both. He was an original. A person who didn't care about pleasing everyone every time. He only cared about the maybe handful of people who understood him and his work.

It was because he crafted an experience around himself and his artwork that many more than a handful began to follow his career and admire his work.


A Lesson: Business Is Not Black and White




Just like Andy's paintings and or the many billboards you see driving down the interstate, the websites, and clever ways people get their businesses to succeed - any effort you put out has to be unique, without worrying about what has worked for others or if their grass is greener elsewhere. There are no rules in business, that's why it's both so difficult and exciting at the same time!

Be original, be colorful, step outside your comfort zone and aim to do things differently because what has worked for others may not work for you.


A Brillo Box may not inspire from a store shelve but take it out of context and place it somewhere strategic and you will be amazed at the beauty. If you try to be like others, be with the others while competing against the others - you will never stand out, no matter how special your product is. 







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