Every Business Is A Side Project

Every Business Is A Side Project


The main barrier to supporting preparation for most of us is our cultural fear of failure or loss. We often refer to it as our "lizard brain." This fear may be so strong that is may actually be shutting your down before you even begin. But how do we separate ourselves from that mentality and stigma so that we can unleash our true potential?


In theory the solution is pretty simple but in practice the challenge for you may be very very real. You are so darn focused on doing things 'right' based on what you have seen or heard others do and work well for them but that is your first mistake. The most beautiful thing about business and yet the one thing that we aren't even thought in business school is that there is no recipe for growing a company. Every business, no matter how 'similar' is as unique as your finger print. And that is a fact.


100% fact.


You feel a sort of magical inspiration linger in the air and through your body every time you hear a story about how someone went from rags to riches and the ridiculous number of times they failed until they hit it big. Its like the birth of a new legend you will tell others to inspire but deep inside you the mentality of being a legend and something only that other person could have pulled off is strong in you and holding your true potential back. Holding you from doing what's necessary and pushing through what is necessary. We like to hear stories about failure but we don't want to fail, people that want to go to heaven don't want to die to get there. As an entrepreneur you need to be willing to die to become a legend that others share for inspiration.




When I was launching Unthink back in 2006, I had a full time job contracting for a large engineering and construction management firm in Arizona - so my thought process was that I had time, I had the opportunity to rough sketch multiple business plans and then various ways to get new clients - the often ignored marketing plan - I reiterated multiple times until I nailed down what I wanted to do then and for whom. I wasn't as scared of failure because I treated it like a side project, I was willing to die or let the business die and if it did I would just pick up another project. Even if you depend on your business completely, if you do things out of desperation you will most likely fail.


The biggest issues any business owner deals with involves two things:

1. Lack of time or poor time management during a day

2. Not having a clear process for getting clients. Scratch that, exposing the business systematically.


Treating your business as a side project means you concentrate on what you want to do and not what you have to do. Those things little items, believe me, will take care of themselves as time forces you on them, but for the most part they can be ignored, outsourced or delegated to another process. Having a good day to day bookkeeper may sound like a luxury, but committing to that early on is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Partnering with a marketing company like us is another great thing you can do if your strength isn't marketing or advertising.


Most importantly, treating your business like a side project means you take the time to create a good platform for your business, spend the time and money in crafting a perfect image for your company. Think about it, what's the point of having such an amazing product or the most experience if those who come across you find you unprepared, un-trustworthy and think of you as a newbie?

Your website sucks, your logo is done on Microsoft paint and your social media is abandoned.... but you're spending time networking, on Google Ads, and magazine prints. !? Makes no sense right? Spend the time, because even if you aren't 'pitching' it doesn't mean you are wasting your time doing this when you think you should be 'selling.'


Simply adopting a different attitude about what we are working on allows us to take our time, think clearer, and take risks. Those risks are necessary for every business and if you don't permit yourself to take them you will find it harder to succeed, always remember that if things go south you have alternatives and every project is an alternative to something else you could be doing so have fun and go break stuff. 


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