How do I know if my ads are running in Google AdWords?

How do I know if my ads are running in Google AdWords?

How do I know if my ads are running in Google AdWords?

Many of our clients hire us for a 1 time web design for their new business, then they decide to try setting up and running their own marketing efforts which involve in most cases paid Google Ads (PPC) - The most common question we get aftewards is always asking how to do I know if my ads are running? - The answer is simple: You will know if your ads are running in Google AdWords if your ads are approved, your keywords are eligible, and your keyword status specifies that your ads are showing right now.

Naturally, when you create a Google AdWords campaign, you want to make sure your Google ads are running. Once you’ve created your ads, there are a few ways to make sure they are actively being placed on websites.

First, check the ads in the Google AdWords campaign manager and make sure their status reads “Approved.” It can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours or more for your new ads to get approval. If your ad status reads “Pending Review,” be patient.

Secondly, inspect each keyword in the Google AdWords campaign manager to make sure their status reads “eligible.” If your keywords are paused or below the first page bid, your ads won’t run.

Thirdly, scroll over each keyword status and examine the pop-up box. Under the line, “Showing ads right now?” it will read either yes or no. If yes, your ads are running in Google AdWords. If no, your ads are not running and Google will provide an explanation below.

Keep in mind that the Google AdWords campaign manager does not provide up to the minute statistics on impressions and clicks. So even if your ads are shown to be running, it may take several hours for Google to update your impression and click data.


A well created Google Adwords campaign has the potential to dramatically increase your ROI (Return On Investment) and get you more clients. Guaranteed. - If you have any questions about your current campaign - dont hesitate to contact us. 

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What makes people click on your ads?

There is no exact science, mainly simply because we are dealing with human psychology and needs or demands and these traits change on a daily basis. You must always babysit your accounts and ads so that you maximize every dollar. Here are a few suggestions you can follow to improve your click through rate for your ads.
1)  Your headline in Google AdWords should first contain keywords that are being searched for. If you’re selling consulting services for Google Analytics and all your keywords contain “Google Analytics,” you’ll definitely want to include “Google AdWords” in your headline along with emotionally amplifying words or calls to action such as “Superior AdWords Expert,” “Experienced AdWords Pros,” and “AdWords Secrets Exposed,” for example.
2) Your two description lines should accurately describe and emotionally amplify your product or service. The more clear and accurate your description, the better you qualify your audience before they click your link. 
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