Integrate SEO into your online marketing campaign

Integrate SEO into your online marketing campaign

Having a website for your business is futile if it is not being visited by anyone.At the same time, having a website for your business is essential if you want to stay in step with your competitors.THEN WHAT IS THE SOLUTION TO THIS PROBLEM? SEO?


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Se you have an auto shop where you sell new cars.

YOU HAVE HEARD THAT IT IS VERY GOOD BUSINESS TO HAVE A WEBSITE FOR THE ACTIVITY YOU DEVELOP.YOU FOUND A FIRM THAT DEALS WITH THESE JOBS, YOU PAID A FEW THOUSAND DOLLARS AND CREATED THE SITE YOU NEEDED.OVER TIME, YOU WILL BEGIN TO THINK ABOUT WHAT THE ESSENCE OF SPENDING THOSE FEW THOUSAND DOLLARS WHEN YOU DO NOT SEE RESULTS FROM THAT INVESTMENT ... BECAUSE THE INVESTOR'S ESSENCE IS PROFIT OR NOT?? I've if done properly) and SEO ( Free organic traffic from search engines - the best is that the visitors to your site are people who already have an interest in your activity, in our case they have asked for something about the car as our site has appeared).


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization (page optimization for search engines). When we talk about search engines, our mind goes to Google immediately. So SEO means optimizing your site so that it ranks higher for search results on search engines (Google, Bing & Yahoo!).


Why is it important for you to have an optimized page for Google?

Having an optimized page for Google helps you gain more free traffic for your site, and more traffic in business language means more customers / sales / profits.




Why SEO Prior to Other Online Marketing Strategies?

Not wanting to undermine any other marketing strategy, because all can be very good and very effective if done properly, I prefer SEO because it is a longer-term strategy,WHICH RESULTS NOT ONLY TODAY FOR TOMORROW BUT FOR YEARS.


Advertising on other websiteshas its own advantages and disadvantages. The benefits are that brings you visitors (potential customers?) And your company creates a name (branding?). The worst is that as soon as the planned advertising budget ends, the visits and the visits are over - and very few of the visitors you have had will return again.


Then is the problem who is watching that ad, are those people interested in the product you are advertising? If you advertise on a media site, how many percent of the visitors to that site are just people interested in buying your product, in our case new cars?So, it's very limited in terms of targeting people who see our ad.


E-mail marketing, on the other hand, though a little old strategy, is still effective. But it can be very dangerous! Care should be taken when choosing the company that will conduct this marketing campaign for you, be confident that people who will receive email from you will agree to receive promotional e-mails, otherwise this will be called SPAM, which in many countries is punishable by law ... is not understood by us but may affect the image of your brand being damaged (whenever I see ads from Vitrinat University, I remember hundreds of emails coming from me every day And the chances that I recommend this university are equal to zero).


Here too, like marketing on other sites, a big problem is targeting people - how many of them do you like cars,HOW MUCH THEY WANT TO BUY ONE ETC.


When we talk about Social Media, ourmind goes to Facebook and Twitter immediately.Every business should definitely be present in these two services. Since Twitter has just started to spread more to us, we will only talk about Facebook.


Facebook marketing is indispensable.

A Facebook page must definitely open, and should also be promoted.What I like most about Facebook is the pertinent targeting that enables them in their advertising product (with all the data they own, how can they not be, then?).


One thing I do not like is that when you start marketing on Facebook, you have to devote a considerable amount of time to yourself or hire someone for this job alone,



SEO, on the other hand, if done properly there is no negative side.It's a slow process, and the first results that can be noticed are those after 3-4 months.Being a slow process makes it even more stable.


One of the best things SEO offers, in addition to free traffic, is the category of visitors. Through SEO, search engines bring you people who are interested in what you are offering, so in our case visitors coming to our site through search engines have already searched forcars(1,300 exact searches each month, 1,300 potential customers ), acar for sale (720 exact searches each month, 720 potential customers), or other terms that we have reasonably found to rank for them.


These people have far more opportunities to convert to your customers than people who have seen your ad on a media site or have received a promotional e-mail from you.Ranking on certain terms in search engines means steady traffic, so it's not necessary to deal with SEO each day (as you would if you were working on a Facebook page).


The essence of SEO is to create a website that gives the visitor what you are looking for in the best possible form, AND IF YOU HAVE SUCH A SITE THAT DESERVES TO BE CASHED AND HAVE VISITORS (POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS?) THEN WHY DENY SUCH AN OPPORTUNITY TO YOUR SITE AND BUSINESS?



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