Lead Generation: Best Practices For Top of The Sales Funnel Marketing

Lead Generation: Best Practices For Top of The Sales Funnel Marketing

It’s one of the oldest truths in business: 🛑


In order to get customers’ attention, you have to live where your customers live. And today more than ever before, where customers live is on social media.


If you want to multiply your success opportunity, you must be where your competitors aren't. That isn't social media, per se. 🤔

You can chose to avoid Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube on purpose, assume they don't exist and use that are a rule of thumb forcing you to find alternate platforms that would be potentially favored by your prospect clients but not used by competitors to reach them. Create beautiful sales funnel marketing campaigns that consider the acquisition as more than cookie cutter reach. 


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Lead Generation Is About Anticipating A Buyer's Needs

When people know that you care about and anticipate their needs, they’ll reward you with their wallets, unfortunately most funnel marketers treat everyone as a cookie cutter mass produced lead generated off a production line.


The reality is that most business owners are in the business of creating sales funnels, they are in the game of launching marketing campaigns, because a funnel is truly nothing more than the process a buyer goes through that leads to a purchase. Social Media Marketers like us here at Unthink sometimes call themselves funnel hackers because our job is to look between the lines and find those watering holes where we can find potential buyers and then test every part of the funnel - from exposure to walkthrough to purchase method.


The top of the funnel is the funnest part for us to work on because it's in our opinion the hardest most creative challenging part - if we get this right, the conversion process is not only faster but way easier and cheaper.


Tell me, have you ever promoted in a not so obvious place? Did it work?

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