On Facebook Ads

On Facebook Ads

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Sheila, here is the rest of my response comment on your original post.


If you are not getting any returns on your investment (paid ads on Facebook) you have to realize that in this platform, your engagements are very much like networking in person.


Think about it, people don't go to Facebook to be sold something. Marketers and companies promote stories, offers, and solutions and very seldomly do they promote a page or SALE. That's because you need to build trust first.

When you meet someone in a networking event, you are not supposed follow your name with a cold pitch and ask for the stranger you just got a business card from.

You are supposed to chit chat, make them like you, later at future events build trust and reliability - then go for an ask. When you run Facebook ads you need to make sure that your destination is well planned out. Create landing pages or at a very minimum make sure you have amazing content on your profile so that it looks legitimate and consistent. If you are selling high ticket items then you need to for sure appear reliable and committed. If your Facebook page looks like it didn't receive that much thought - then your prospects won't trust to expect much from you. Remember you are a business and as such you need to look your part.


Second, you must run multiple ads for awareness, consideration (based on who has engaged during the awareness stages) and then the pitch/ask ad which is where to direct people to a sales page, a promo page, etc. and you may have multiple of each.

There is no right or wrong in business and what works for others may not work for you - that's why it's important that if you lack time or ability to make yourself stand out that you consider hiring someone or partnering with another company that can help you leverage your products a lot more efficiently.



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