Real Good Reasons To Hire An Online Marketing Agency | A Quick Case Study

Real Good Reasons To Hire An Online Marketing Agency | A Quick Case Study


How To Sell More Through My Website?  

In this quick 5 minute read we will hopefully make a good case why a good content marketing strategy is a much better investment than Google PPC or any other type of paid temporary advertisement such as is magazines, printed ads, banners, billboards, radio ads, etc. and how Unthink Digital Marketing is a good choice for your business if you are looking to increase website traffic and generate leads. 



Many Things Have Changed, Including How We Market Ourselves

Albert Einstein was once giving an exam paper to his students, it turned out he had given the exact test the previous year. A concerned student alerted Mr. Einstein: 

"Excuse me, sir!" said the student, not quite sure how to tell the genius professor. 

"Yes?" said Einstein.

"Um, eh, it's about the test you just handed out.."

"I'm not sure if you realize, but this is the exact same exam you gave out last year!" 

Einstein paused to think for a moment, then he answered, 

"Yes, it is the same test but the answers have changed." 


Just as the answers in physics change as new discoveries are made, so too do the answers in business marketing. Once upon a time getting listed on Yellow Pages books was enough, then it was getting a website, then it was getting listed on Yelp. Now things aren't so straight forward.  As a result of this many tend to be distracted by the many marketing tactics and 'opportunities' given to them. In New Jersey, we have several clients who often propose to leave us for the new guy who has cold email them or called them. We call this the 'Shiny Object Syndrome" - business owners chasing the next new thing in marketing trying to do what is 'hot' and or maybe they have just found out about! But in reality it has been a passing fad for quite sometime and many business owners would know this if they would just ask a professional. This causes many businesses to spend wrongfully on efforts that are no where near relevant to them.  Which happens a lot! 


When it comes to marketing, it's all about consistency. At Unthink, we use a quick story to show you exactly what is marketing: 

Some people thing that marketing is advertising or branding or some other vague concept. While all these are in fact associated with marketing, they are not one and the same. In fact, these are factors that get addressed through marketing as you check off your relaying to-do list.


At Unthink, we have a simple and jargon free definition of marketing:

If the circus is coming to town and you paint a sign “circus coming to El Paso Sunday!” that’s advertising.


If you put the sign on the back of the elephant and walk it down into Jacinto Plaza that is promotion.


If the elephant wakes through the mayor’s  flower bed and the local newspaper writes a story about it, that’s publicity.


And if you get the mayor to laugh about it, thats’ public relations.


If the town’s citizens go to the circus, you show them the many entertaining booths, explain how much fun they’ll have spending money at the circus and answer any of the questions, thats sales.


If you planned the whole thing, well that my friend is marketing.


Strategy is how you plan for your ideal market to know about you, like you and trust you enough to be a customer or send you customers. Every step, like promotion, ads, PPC, SEO, website building, social media posts, printed ads, content marketing, email marketing, pricing - those are just tactics.

We follow this chart to guide us as we create a tactic for each phase of a consumer buyer's journey: 



inbound methodology for hubspot content marketing to generate more leads and website traffic with good google seo


The story of a New Jersey Janitorial company

Last year Vania of Layne Maid Service came to me asking for advice on ways to improve their marketing efforts because of the demographics and heavy competition for cleaning commercial and residential projects in Northern New Jersey. This company has invested so much equipment, training, certifications and promotional items but at the end of the day they were barely scrapping by.


After our initial consultation this is what we found:

  1. Like many of you - she had a very bad Do It Yourself website. If you lack experience you can easily overlook the importance of a website and try to get it done cheaply just to have a site. But a website is meand to sell for you. A good website with good Google SEO and funnels in place will generate leads and sales for you as well as make your brand appear more prominent and trustworthy. She lacked this.
  2. She was spending $2,000 to $5,000 dollars every quarter on flyers and brochures that didn't really generate any ROI. And the moment she stopped paying for them her business would definitely suffer!  
  3. Her facebook efforts weren't good - social media wasn't good. This was a huge missed opportunity and through traditional flyer and discount advertisements she wasn't able to really convey to prospects just how different she really is.

This is where inbound content strategy comes in! This is where Unthink comes into play.

While other agencies with larger budgets may spend on average $10,000 to $30,000 per year just on writers for inbound content marketing and paying for promoting their content to rank high on Google, we work hard for our clients and do so at a low monthly rate.  Writing content isn't easy, there is a lot that goes into writing headlines, topics, pusblishing, scheduling, etc.  We’ve found that articles with 2,500 words or more tend to rank extremely well and extremely fast, whereas articles 1,000 words or shorter don’t get a lot of ranking relevance.

The point, however, is that content length is related to engagement. The more content you have on a blog post, the more time users will spend reading it and the higher the chance of clicking or engaging with the page, thus reducing bounce rate.


As you might imagine, content and inbound marketing answers your question on "how to sell more through my website?"  Whether you are trying to improve an HVAC company website or a landscaping website or increase dental office clientele content marketing forces a change in the way business owners and hired marketers work and think.

In the case of Layne Maid Service when we were hired, after a short series of conversations to make sure that Vania was comfortable with us and our approach;  we first tackled her website and started tracking visits, made her phone numbers clickable, adding tags and generally improving her Google SEO so that her site was trusted more by Google which meant it would be seen more and more. But that was only the first step, through content we changed her mentality as we did the following: 


We always start with what we call a Keyword Tree that comes only after doing extensive market research for searches directly related to our client and product but also alternatives. Stay tuned for our upcoming article on Keyword Trees.

  • We started creating landing pages with A/B testing for her visitors so that we split traffic and send visitors to different versions of a page so we could test what price or picture or offer worked better. 
  • Based on those A/B tests we made facebook posts that generated good engagement but we were also able to eliminate website pages that were of no interest to her visitors and only served as distractions. 
  • Once we knew who her buyer personas were we started creating content just for them. For Thanksgiving we did a short guide on how to better host family and plan a beautiful dinner party for all - we tied this to a lead generation page that capture leads in exchange for a discount but the initial attraction was the guide (content).
  • On social media we shared tips and ideas for better organizing and other stuff (content) and created links (landing pages with capture forms) just for those posts. 
  • Layne Maid Service now has over 20 landing pages and our goal is to reach 100 A/B testing pages, a study by Hubspot (we're a hubspot partner agency) showed that websites with more than 1o landing pages generated over 17% more leads than websites with less than 10 pages. 
  • Each email we capture gets sent to Mailchimp and we are also creating content for potential future clients nururing them through valuable content on email. 
  • We created images, bought HD royalty free images for her website instead of the poor quality images she was using. For other clients we've even created logos for free and sometimes simple websites as well. 
  • We have been creating blog post entries for her, for other clients as well and we host them either on their website or through third part blogging platforms - depending on the campaign and goals. (our blog posts are hosted in our own website through Hubspot). 


Every business is different, with Layne's market we struggled a bit but now Layne Maid Service now gets at least 1-2 new commercial or residential clients per day!layne maid service new jersey mahwah cleaning discount offer cleaning.jpg


As you can see the biggest difference between paying for advertisements all the time and investing on content marketing is that content inbound marketing doesn't expire - once you create a blog post or shared that post it will live for ever. And like any investment - the more you put in the more you get because all this content adds up and starts paying amazing dividends! 

SEO will obvisously organically improve as well because just like with this article, each website is optimized, each content is optimized and links to each other and Google indexes everything so the more content we create the better SEO your website gets. 


If you are still paying a lot of money for flyers, Facebook ads, Google Ads, or any other type of advertisement or pulling your hair because you can't get your website to generate any sales for you then you should really consider investing on content marketing. Caveat here, just like everything else - you can try to do them yourself but obviously things don't work out as effectively and efficiently as you would thing and it does require a lot of time invested as well to find good content ideas, write the content, fix the structure, link it, optimize it for SEO and then promote.


If you don’t have $20,000 to spare, or even $1,000 you can still get a better website and boost your content engagement by leveraging marketing agencies like Unthink. As a matter of fact, we are 1 of the handful of global agencies that are built in a way that we can offer high quality design, inbound marketing, graphics, and creativity at low affordable prices. Because of this, it is very common for us to get clients literally worldwide. 


Interested in clever easy to follow SEO tips to increase your website traffic? 

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