Your Company Is Failing! WTF Should You Do Next? | Unthink

Your Company Is Failing! WTF Should You Do Next? | Unthink

As a small business owner you are asking yourself "Should I hire a digital marketing agency to kick-start my inbound marketing campaign?" 😕


This inbound marketing question was posted by a software developer who is also a small business owner. This Software developer is considering Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing as a strategy! They do custom software development as a service similar to Beta Bulls I would assume.  And with very good reasons because Digital Marketing has been proven to be more affordable long term and more sustainable! Like any good investment - the more consisten you are even with small deposits (efforts) you will get ongoing dividends!  He knows is good for business but still has many doubts. He wants to know if a price tag of $4k/month is reasonable for White Hat SEO and for How to generate more leads and find customers through his website.  Don't just keep telling yourself that your company is failing. do something about it. 


He is not alone! But let me get the price out of the way - $4k is way too high being that there are plenty of digital marketing agencies like Unthink, that offer world-class quality work and experts for a small fraction of that cost!!  😵




Unthink Digital Marketing Stepped In and Offered A Few Pieces Of Advice 


This small business owner has done research and now feels more educated but still unsure about the pricing ($4,000 per month on contract) YOWSERS!!?!   

This 5 minute read will help you better understand inbound and digital marketing for any small business and after reading this you will know exactly what to look for and ask when interviewing digital marketing agencies. 




Hire a digital marketer, how to rank my blog, rank my website, how to rank website, rank page, seo, with a digtial marketing inbound marketing agency to kick-start my campaign, what to ask digital marketing agencies during interview, what does it mean digital marketingThe question continued something like - I need help with creating the campaigns, SEO, key research and know there’s opportunity there - should I work with an agency?


This was my response to his inbound digital marketing question:

First, I introduced myself - "My name is Humberto Valle, and I'm the founder of Unthink - a hybrid digital marketing agency. Unthink is committed to remaining the most affordable global inbound marketing service for small and medium sized businesses.

In short - Yes, if you find yourself asking if you should work with an agency because you need help generating leads, you should partner with an agency."


then went on:

By considering content marketing for startups and Google SEO services you are on the right track and I can guarantee you that with the right agency you will grow your business 5x or more.



When it comes to lead generation by default you must improve your SEO and as you may know, SEO alone is a complex approach that has to do with blogging, guest posting, cross promoting, PR, indexing, link building, content writing, buyer journey research, etc. But most importantly the low hanging fruit which in SEO is the high traffic keyword and long tails but also the ones with low competition. When you start out with SEO always go for the low hanging fruit first, is much more affordable and realistic. 


The Low Hanging Fruit Methodology as the Blue Ocean Strategy of SEO

blue ocean strategy of SEO, the low hanging fruit methodology, how to rank my blog, page ranking, el paso digital marketing, how to rank websiteWhy bleed your business competing the same way others do for the same keywords, for the same clients for the same price? Instead go after an ignored market opportunity using 'ignored' long tail keywords that prospects are also searching for but possibly just in smaller quantities. Sometimes owning 100% of a tiny market search is better than 1% of a heavily contested space.


As far as your inbound marketing, small business owner clients that hire get dedicated on-boarding with research, consultation calls, set ups, key word research, prospecting, A/B testing, email marketing, internal/external SEO as well as inbound and outbound SEO - We even give them affordable ready to use websites and get website found locally for free. - What matters most though, is the content because at the end of the day content is what will help boost your website traffic by educating your future costumer clients and keep them engaged before and after signing up for your services.


A good inbound marketing agency should be able to understand your services and your industry because for lead generation they will (should) write useful content for each stage of your prospect journey:


Awareness - they first discover they have a problem and search online to learn more about their problem, if is common, and find possible solutions

Consideration - once the problem and possible solution options are identified, the prospect begins to subscribe, read, watch, follow and engage with relevant providers who are providing this useful content and helping walk to the next phase which is

Decision - As they become more educated, they are also trusting you more and being nurtured to make that call, request that demo, download that app, etc.


As you can imagine, each of the phases will have different content created and each of these formats will focus on something specific, will be optimized for SEO, integrated seamlessly on your website, and then be promoted through Social Media regularly to drive more traffic.

That's to drive traffic right? But what about the funnel and walk through of your website? Any agency that does lead generation needs to be able to offer you inclusive graphic design, UX/UI, A/B testing, Landing Pages, Analytics, etc because once you are driving traffic you need to see what pages of your site they are coming in from? are they organic? direct entry? social media? external link? are they clicking through enough pages (CTR)? and what articles, page or profile is generating more traffic? 😕

What page are they leaving and what can be done to improve that page (bounce rate and bounce page).


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Also, if you are Investing on Inbound Content For Lead Generation - skip the PPC for now.  



white hat seo digital marketing agency helps small business with lead generation how to rank website blogI hope this compliments what you have read elsewher about digital marketing, SEO and lead generation. My name is Humberto Valle and I'm the founder of a global marketing agency. We are known to be the most helpful agency for small businesses because we offer an all inclusive approach with a low monthly fees. We are programmers, MBAs, Graphic Artists and Content Marketers and we are HUBSPOT partners and use it for our content marketing and for our clients.


While most businesses don't consider Marketing as a necessity, the majority of all small businesses don't ever even consider hiring a professional for graphics, web, inbound, paid ads, etc. until they literally have about 1 or 2 months of run rate before having to shut down. This is a huge problem, because it drives agency prices up as well as puts everyone in a strain because is almost impossible (professionally speaking) to guarantee that any given effort will pay off - Specially in a certain timeframe.  The best time to hire a digital marketing team or person is when are you are either starting off, seeing good response off minimal effort (boost professionally), and or have an established business that just isn't growing anymore. To learn more about us, click here. 








LEARN HOW WE FLIPPED THIS TRADITIONAL BUSINESS MODEL ON ITS HEAD, MARKETED BETTER AND GREW IT INTO A MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR BUSINESS! business model swot analysis example, el paso digital marketing how to rank google seo




About Unthink 


Our marketing team is made up of seasoned business owners, artists, entrepreneurs, and project managers. In a world where starting a business is easy, but keeping it is almost always impossible, Unthink is a long standing company helping companies for almost 10 years now. We started as a pure consultancy service and over time we added marketing execution to offer greater value at lower prices and ensure consistency. Humberto Valle, Founder and CEO, launched Unthink with core beliefs revolving Blue Ocean Strategy, Lean Methodologies, Integrity, Intelligence, and Energy. For us an ideal client is someone who is looking to build a long-term partnership and is thinking long term for their company. With our month-to-month Inbound Marketing & SEO best practices we help organizations increase their exposure and branding for a strong foundation.   #Unthink We are graduates of great schools, volunteers at nonprofits, we are always learning and love what we do. We are always trying to better ourselves. For us and for you.

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About the Author:Humberto Valle

Humberto Valle is a digital marketing strategist with Unthink Marketing Experts in El Paso, Texas. He has over 10 years experience helping small businesses find clever ways to compete in their markets.

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