Six Easy Steps to Building an Unbeatable Cleaning Maid Brand

Six Easy Steps to Building an Unbeatable Cleaning Maid Brand


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Successful Maid Service companies understand the power of personal branding. Whether you’re a Cleaning Maid, janitor, post construction cleaning service, Realtor, Fortune 500 CEO or boutique marketing agency owner, due to the internet's driven transparency it’s way more important than ever to present a charming and consistent personality through strategic messaging (such as stories and images) that resonates with your target audience. Effectively communicating your personal brand and “why choose me?” is paramount to long-term growth. Here are six indispensable strategies for making that happen.



1. Define Your Brand

What makes you remarkable?

The first step toward answering this question is conducting a self-audit to identify your purpose, strengths, values and passion. In a fiercely competitive cleaning maid service environment, it’s essential to crystallize your competitive advantage. Some cleaning professionals differentiate themselves through their individual achievements (e.g., well known clients, endorsements) while others boast added value (e.g., JD, MBA, Successful exits, number of employees, etc.).


To get started, pinpoint phrases that best describe your expertise: condo expert, data guru, historic landmark authority, luxury specialist, interior decorator, “green” specialist. Also, identify words that best describe your personality: driven, persistent, honest. And in order to gain a 360-degree view, it’s equally important to understand how business colleagues and friends perceive you.



For a perfect example of a strong personal brand, look to Diana Valle, president and CEO of premier Phoenix-based home cleaning service Honest Maids, sponsor of Entrepreneurs nationwide and free consultant to many other business industry leaders. Valle's brand is simple, but powerful: “family, relationships, and trust” she says. She says is done through simple messaging that starts with when people see their name, Honest Maids.


“I think is because I'm a Cancerian, but my top passion and value is family..”


“I think is because I'm a Cancerian, but my top passion and value is family,” Valle says.“I think is because I'm a Cancerian, but my top passion and value is family,” Our staff is considered family and our clients treat us as friends and with their most valued possessions and their loved ones.




2. Understand Your Audience

Define your target audience — and arm yourself with intelligence about what drives them to take action. Determine who you’re talking to: consider age, gender, personality and profession. Then, identify your clients’ pain points: how can you solve their needs better than your competitors? What is their preferred channel of communication? Answering each of these questions thoroughly is imperative. Just like when networking, building rapport is what makes a brand good.


3. Know Your Competition

With rising confidence in the real estate market, there are many new cleaning companies popping up every day - which means more and more competition. In order to stand out, gather intelligence on who you’re up against and go for an opposite plethora of efforts and experiences that will help you build a different brand from the rest. Then, be better than them. One key question to answer in this process: what niches within my city and industry are not being exploited by the largest cleaning companies? Once you figure it out, you’re ready to put your stake in the ground - copy their efforts for managerial to get started, promote where they are and they are aren't. Subscribe to our newsletter and I will follow up later with ways on doing this.


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At Unthink, we use some really good tools that gives us a lot of information on any company. We can determine their average revenue, their source of traffic, their entire history of paid ads and the platforms as well their funnels. We use that to help our clients increase their chances of success. We aren't magicians who can switch a button and make you instantly boost sales but we are darn good at getting you there.


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4. Bring Your Brand to Life, Consistently

Once you’ve crafted a compelling brand, it’s time to make some noise. The array of channels is seemingly endless: websites, blogs, social media, print collateral, open house signs, ads, email blasts. Or, in the case of Michele Kleier, a reality television show.

While most of us won’t reach celebrity status, consistent messaging and visuals that reinforce your brand are non-negotiable, no matter the channel. Research has shown consistent brands are approximately 20 percent more valuable than erratic brands.

To build a consistent and compelling image, share positive client testimonials, achievements, success stories, content (curated and self-published), professional speaking and earned media opportunities. It’s important to not only showcase current listings, but also properties you’ve successfully closed.


How often should you share? A good rule of thumb is to post once a day, five days a week. If time is scarce, it’s fine to focus on just one social media channel. (It is prudent, however, to provide a link to the active platform on dormant social media channels.) And always ensure you adhere to their brand standards and policies.


Use a persona, to help you create targeted content to help you get found more by the right people. 




5. Develop Content That’s Relevant (and Platform-Appropriate)

Good is not enough — you need to create remarkable content to capture your audience. Content is more than words; make use of striking visuals to engage readers. And before hitting the “post” button, take a step back and ensure your post is relevant and relatable. Take into account the recipient’s mindset: “What’s in it for me?”

Whether you develop articles, blog posts or videos, make certain the content is shareable, engaging and actionable. Humor drives further interaction when used appropriately. And don’t forget the “wow!” headline.


6. It’s All About Relationships

At the end of the day, purchasers and sellers often make decisions based on their relationship with the individual realtor, not the business entity. For this reason, it’s important to engage in both online and offline communities. Be transparent: should you receive a negative post or review, address it in a professional and timely fashion. Both prospective and existing clients will appreciate your honesty. Also, invest in networking and actively join committees and organizations (both professional and community). Give before you get, and say “thank you” often.


“It’s not about making the deal — it’s about the future relationship, not selling in the moment,” Kleier says. “If an apartment isn’t right, we move on until we find the right fit, no matter how long it takes.”


The best way to start understanding the power of branding and where you fit into a market, is by completing a SWOT Analysis Worksheet. A SWOT, covers Strengths, Weakenesses, Opportunities, & Threats, helps you understand your competitor, the industry needs and your own assets and resources to help leverage a brand story even better. There is no point in promising certain things if you don't have the resources to deliver right? Download our free SWOT Analysis below and get your brand right!


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Cleaning For A Reason founder and industry leader Debbie Sardone is known for having built a strong powerful cleaning related non-profit brand in world wide — and her success is predicated on developing and owning a trustworthy brand around a story and a tribe of people who believe and share her story's message. Entrepreneurs like Courtney Hoover, of Magic Maids a Cleaning Service in Festus, MO., follow her teachings and methodologies to run an overall better company. According to Hoover, “Your brand is strong when your customers understand and trust your story and reason for doing what you are doing.”

Here’s to perfecting your personal brand. And remember: it requires routine maintenance and monitoring to ensure your message is heard loud and clear.




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