The Best Way To Approach Feedback For Startups

The Best Way To Approach Feedback For Startups

Startup Entrepreneurs typically don't do well with feedback, that is why we see only about 5% of all startups actually surviving their first year or two in business and or actually gaining any traction at all. Feedback as it turns out has more to do than you might have expected.




Take, Seth Godin for example, one of the most beloved marketers of our time and true source of inspiration and education to us marketing professionals. When he was starting out with his now inter-galactic blog he gained traction but then plateaued for a while. Many other experts, possibly friends of his, suggested that he did PPC and or inbound marketing (something we do here at Unthink) but then there was this one voice, a friend of Seth's, telling him and reassuring Seth Godin's own ideas that instead of doing inbound for the blog content he had that he should instead keep writing short quick thoughts for his blog instead of the traditionally expected and Google suggested 1,000 or more word blog entries.


"When you get feedback, you shouldn't accepted as truth, and you shouldn't accepted as false either"


The Best Way To Approach Feedback

As a business owner your primary job is to sell your product, but what if your product was built in a lab with no real world input? What if your product has too much fluff or is not at all something that's needed by your assumed demographic? You go get some feedback before, during, and after building - this makes you a better sales person but also a better industry leader. The problem is that most don't know how to process suggestions. New entrepreneurs tend to receive comments or suggestions and instantly put it to the test making drastic changes, adding or removing... all based on what some person or group of people told them. They take it as truth. The problem is that consumers don't know what they want and don't typically know how they would want it --- That my friend is your job to engineer. When you receive feedback, you shouldn't accepted as truth, and you shouldn't accepted as false either; what you should do is first conceptualize the best possible experience you and those with the problem you intend to solve currently have and write down the emotional, physical, and social emotions that are involved in this possible best experience. Then reverse engineer the value propositions of each suggestion, review, or hurdle given to you through feedback weeding out the useless points leaving only factors that would enhance your service or product to reach that best possible experience via price, features, delivery, method, size or availability, etc. etc.


Btw, I just finished reading "All Marketers Tell Stories" by Seth Godin and I gotta say, after 10 years of me being a marketer, I still learn so much from him! Get the book on Amazon.


all marketers tell stories


When we started Unthink for digital inbound marketing for example, we knew we wanted to be different but weren't sure how. So I, Humberto Valle, decided to talk to both client companies, agencies and companies who had never before hire someone for marketing purposes. I knew the skillsets me and my colleagues could provide and knew the type of work we wanted to do so after receiving feedback from companies that covered all spectrums such as 'all professional agencies are too expensive for us' or 'we hired someone off Craigslist once and didn't go well' we decided to bring together experts and tools that are typically only available to larger companies and agencies (due to pricing) and offer them to small businesses and startups with little to almost non-existing budgets.


This was a winning combination for us here at Unthink, because we solved a real problem for businesses who wanted help but were priced out, now literally every business can hire and have an agency helping them through an on-going month to month marketing partnership.


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