What is Inbound Marketing? And can it really help my business?!

What is Inbound Marketing? And can it really help my business?!


You're in the perfect place if you're asking yourself "how does inbound marketing work?" or "how does content marketing help generate more sales? " 

Inbound content marketing is a method that focuses on the customer's side of the buying cycle - instead offering sales and promos you focus on educating the consumer and possibly even sending them to a competitor or alternative option. This methodology  increases your brand awareness through internet channels and that's why is often referred to as digital marketing. A long time ago the only form of marketing communication was through printed and other visual advertisements such as banner billboards, magazine publication and tv ads - but with the internet and social media we are no longer limited by space what we are limited by is the lack of attention span from potential customers.

Customers have learned to filter out pushy and gamy ads and instead want to do our own research and make educated buying desicions. --> This is where Inbound comes into play. 


With inbound content marketing your business can become an industry leader, grow its web asset's SEO power and of course increase website traffic, lead generation and lead conversion by enacting any marketing effort with that realization - customers, you as a consumer, don't want to be interrupted and annoyed you want to know you are making the right commitment when you mak a purchase. 




 Unthink Is One Of The Few Hubspot Agencies  -  Hubspot defines the inbound methodology as follows: 

what is inbound marketing and how can it help my business with hubspot


Hubspot Agency we follow these methodology:

Each time I write content I need to plan for certain factors such as:

Buyers Journey:
Awareness -- Prospect first becomes aware that they have a problem, may not be sure of the origin or if there is a solution, but they Google their problem or situation.

Consideration -- Prospect finds content (various formats) that identify the problem and possible different solutions and alternatives.

Decision - Prospect finally understands the different available solutions and alternatives for their problem. Makes a decision on what approach to take and who to hire or what to buy or not to buy.

Delight -- Customer is now using product or services but our work is not done, in the delight phase we reach out to them through email, surveys, follow ups, and look for additional problems they may have and go for up sells. We also send information content just to them to help them be better customers.





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We have been helping small businesses with clever ways to approach a market with a different perspective, finding them niched under-served markets and then building reputations in those market for them. Looking back at all the clients  Unthink Digital Marketing has helped so far its clear that 90% of them are service based businesses. 


The service industry as I define it is any business who provides a primarily "invisible" and is dependent perception and customer service/satisfaction rather than on direct physical quality or social emotion of a product.

Simply put- you have a service based business if a prospect has to educate herself about the problem and solution or you have to build rapport for your company before the client feels comfortable making a purchase. You could have a physical product but still be service based. Click here to get A FREE consultation today.


Service companies have a much harder time gaining customers because they sell the invisible - most of the time because of this; the consumer dictates the price because can call around for cheapest prices this forces companies against each other in price wars... this benefits no one.  We can say that Service Based Businesses can benefit the most from content inbound marketing.  

Non-profits, software developers, inbound marketing for janitorial, residential cleaning, engineering, business consulting, auditing firms, bookkeeping, tax preparations, landscapers, HVAC Install, Pest & Weed services, inbound marketing for solar panel company ... you name it... Honestly chances are that your business is too one way or another a service based business. 


If your business sells physical manufactured products such as toys, computers, clothes - your marketing approach may not be the same as a software development company such as Beta Bulls but you can generate more sales for your product if you were to make content such as videos, repair tutorials, how-tos, hacks, best practices guide, etc.


What if my business is primarily through Craigslist? 

Maybe you would think that your business does not need inbound... But if your product or service is something that is typically found in a Craigslist search and people don't really 'research' before calling - such as landscaping, locksmith, handyman, etc... I want you to think bigger! Think about all the people that don't! There is a lot of potential business to made if you decide to make Craigslist your second or third tier lead generator and instead focus heavily on making a strong website with a lot of good content that helps your brand and service come up more and more on random Google searches - for the people that don't go into Craigslist.  




 Unthink Relay Race for inbound marketing.pngI would honestly suggest that if you are 100% dedicated to your business and you depend on its success that you focus on investing on inbound. Finding the right type of strategy or approach is another topic, but inbound in it self is so powerful that is almost foolish not to try it. 

Think about this, a referral is a super easy deal to close because they are recommended by an already happy client and the friends obviously trust their judgment if they are contacting you too. With Inbound you are crafting yourself as an EXPERT in a certain field, so when a prospect finds your content and they live what you shared they are the second easiest sales you will have because is them who are contacting you, not you being pushy or cold calling randoms to convince them. Inbound marketing methodologies helps every business online. 


Through this methodology I have growth hacked several service businesses and in my other article, How I'm Growth Hacking My Next Cleaning Company I share with you other basic ideas to compete in a market.  



 @ Unthink Digital Marketing we leverage inbound to generate leads for cleaning companies, engineers, solar panel sales companies, massage parlors, pest control companies and more! ---> click here to let us know what you need, maybe we can help you too. 








About the Author:Humberto Valle

Humberto Valle is a digital marketing strategist with Unthink Marketing Experts in El Paso, Texas. He has over 10 years experience helping small businesses find clever ways to compete in their markets.